Regardless of how you decide to drive traffic to your offer, be it; social, native, search or email, there is one element that is crucial to performance – The Landing Page.

A landing page is a webpage that is dedicated purely to driving your conversions for a specific offer. It is about awareness, intent and direction. A purpose-built conversion machine created for one thing – to pump out every sale, sign-up, opt-in or download possible.

It is NOT your homepage – this is a mistake so many marketers make. The homepage of your site is a central navigation hub, it offers multiple directions for the user to take, not just the ultimate goal – the conversion. By driving to the homepage, you are giving the users the responsibility to navigate to the conversion, a risky strategy.

The advantage of directing your paid traffic to conversion-led landing pages is that you can create what the visitor needs to see at their stage of awareness.

Now that we are in agreement that paid traffic needs to be driven to a landing page, let’s talk about the type of LP you should run, as not just any will do.

The landing page should be fully optimised towards conversion. This means from the very beginning of creating your LP, the end goal needs to be at the forefront of your mind. Every aspect of the page should be focused around the conversion, including the layout, content, call to actions, funnel and much more.

The bottom line is to keep your landing page as focused as possible, remove anything that distracts from the conversion, provide plenty of options for the user to convert and keep the conversion as simple as possible.

There is a lot to bear in mind when creating LPs and also a lot at stake if you get it wrong. That is why at Version Two, we offer landing page creation, funnel optimisation – or both free of charge as part of our service.

At the end of the day, if your campaigns are successful, so are we. It’s a win-win.


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