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Applying Native Advertising Principles On Meta To Build Incremental Revenue

Responsible Life are a leading supplier of Equity Release and Lifetime Mortgage products to the UK market. They operate UK Equity Release product marketing efforts for their own brand, but also for brands such as Readers Digest, Canada Life and Your Choice.

Version Two were recruited to work alongside their internal marketing team to build significant incremental volumes from Social Media (primarily Meta) for all the brands they provide marketing support for.




Business Year


Monthly Revenue



Responsible Life’s internal marketing team had been successful at building volumes to a certain level, from their existing branded campaigns, but found diminishing returns when they tried to scale further.  They knew that there was more volume to be extracted from these platforms, but didn’t want to impact their existing successful campaigns. How could they make this incremental volume potential a reality? They turned to Version Two for guidance.


Version Two suggested that we start testing Native style advert placements on Social Media. These ads would look nothing like their existing branded campaigns, on these platforms, but would engage potential customers slightly higher up the funnel. We started educating people on the benefits of the Equity Release vertical and subsequently then passed the traffic to Responsible Life’s landing pages, when fully engaged in the features and benefits of the product.
All this work was done in an FCA regulated market, with extremely limited creative scope. This was only possible as we have such deep relationships with our clients teams, a hunger to understand their prospective customers and an unrivalled knowledge of what Native principles to apply to Social platforms, to maximise performance.


2,000 incremental lead potential a month created, with zero impact to internal branded campaigns. We are now into our 3rd year of partnership in 2024 and look forward to many more.

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