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Scaling to +1,000 enquiries per day within 3 months of launch.

Cover Direct is a life insurance provider offering easy to arrange cover at great value for Canadian residents.

After a massive recruitment drive and needing to hit aggressive growth targets they turned to Version Two to fuel their call centre with high intent enquiries.




Business Year


Monthly Revenue



After an unprecedented recruitment drive and with ambitious growth targets to hit Cover Direct needed large volumes of high intent life insurance leads to fuel their agents. For headcount and operational success lead volumes needed to come in on forecast and perform. After all, its sales not leads that drives growth.


Version Two used their extensive experience in life insurance lead generation to create compelling advertorials and engaging lead flows that efficiently took users from ad to enquiry. Campaigns were then launched across a number of Native and Social platforms including Outbrain, Taboola, Yahoo and Facebook to ensure lead volumes could be hit.

A constant test and learn strategy was deployed allowing optimisations first towards CPL. As the campaigns developed each platform, publisher, ad and advertorial were measured to ultimate ROI. This ensured not only were lead caps hit but they were done so with leads most likely to convert.


Within 3 months of launch the campaigns had been scaled to +1,000 leads per day. A number of subsequent brands were then launched with Version Two lead delivery.

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